Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

*You must be 19+ years of age or older and able to receive mail in Canada.
Read below for further info and contact us if you have any questions.

A. All of the products are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the eTransfer payment (except on weekends) and the packages are sent through a couriered mail service using tracking numbers.

A. When your package is sent in the mail, you are provided with a couriered mail service tracking number, sent to you via email shortly after shipping. This will give you all of the details for shipping times and dates.

A. It usually takes between 3 to 5 business days to arrive to any address in Canada. Except if you use UPS overnight, then it is 24 hours for arrival generally.

A. We accept payment for mail order Cannabis products using eTransfer from a Canadian bank account. In certain situations, we will be able to use credit cards and/or PayPal, but only for business services. No credit cards or PayPal will be accepted for mail order products to consumers.

A. At 11am daily the orders for that day are cut off, and all pending paid orders are shipped and tracking numbers sent to waiting clients. If you place an order after 11am daily, that order is shipped the following business day. If you submit your order before 11am and your payment arrives after, the order will still go out the following business day.

 A. Every package sent via couriered mail has a unique ID tracking number. This tracking number will show all of the details along the journey of the mail order products as they come closer to arriving to you. We send customers their tracking numbers in the late afternoon of the day that the items are shipped, as our shipping team(s) are out of the office with the packing slips until that time. Which means your mail order products will ship mid day, but the tracking numbers are not sent until later.

*It’s important to note that mailed items do not leave the post office until 330pm daily, so there’s no difference in arrival time of the package if it’s dropped off in the morning or the afternoon, as long as it arrives at the post office before 330pm, it’s all the same.

If you have any questions about couriered mail services specifically, please contact us.

A. We charge a flat rate of $30 for shipping Canada wide, through a couriered mail service. For those who want to receive their products as fast as possible, we offer UPS overnight shipping for $50.

*For customers who spend $200 or more on their order, shipping is free.

A. Customers who spend above $420 will take advantage of the free shipping, but also save 10% on their order total. So when you spend above $420, simply deduct 10% from the order total before sending us an eTransfer. If you have any questions about the 10% savings on orders above $420, please contact us. When using the 10% discount at the same time as “credits” (as below), the 10% discount is applied only if the total after “credit” discount is above $420.

A. We suggest that you use a mailing address that you know is not compromised, is secure, and only you have access to receive the products that we mail to you. On very rare occasions, packages sent in the mail do go missing, but that applies to every industry. We will reship packages on occasion as needed, depending on the customer situation.

A. Everything we send in the mail is always double vacuum sealed, and extremely well packed for maximum customer security and privacy. We take impeccable care in our packing systems and follow a tight protocol each time. For larger orders we use double box shipping (box within a box) for complete security.

A. We have had our hands in the Cannabis industry, in various capacities, for many years and offer this knowledge to you through our product quality and customer service expertise. Plus we have a customer service phone number where you can talk to a real human!

How is this legal? A. It is advised that you have a legitimate way for you to consume and purchase Cannabis using a medical need diagnosed by a licensed doctor. However, as an adult it is your decision if you want to purchase Cannabis without a medical document. We only facilitate information between clients and vendors who ship products directly to them. The vendors know their own limits, and you as an adult should know yours as well. We advise you to make sound decisions using logic for your best interest and take time to understand the laws of Canada in relation to Cannabis. is proud of what we are able to offer, blessed to help those in need, and our future in this industry is budding thanks to the dedication to excellence found at

Should you have questions not covered, comments, or would like to discuss business opportunities, please use the contact form page of our website to get in touch with us.